During the winter months, your skin can become dry or more sensitive due to cold and wind. We recommend 3 cosmetic treatments for you during this season to keep your skin healthy.

winter treatments

The winter season can be the perfect time to treat those concerns that we miss during the summer or those that become more evident in the winter months, such as dry and sensitive skin.

If you are concerned about dehydration, lack of radiance or skin spots, discover how to remedy these problems through the best experts, with these 3 aesthetic treatments to undergo in winter:

Anti-aging or moisturising treatments

With the arrival of cold, you may notice your skin dry or dehydrated due to the water-oil imbalance of the hydrolipidic film. It is the perfect time for an anti-aging and moisturising treatment! This type of treatments usually include nourishing and anti-aging active ingredients that, combined with a good massage, do wonders.

Do you know age element?

It is an innovative facial treatment that allows to treat every sign of aging in a personalised manner thanks to a selection of intensive boosters. Skin radiance, firmness, wrinkles and density are the 4 signs of aging that can be treated thanks to this treatment whose epigenetic efficacy has been tested in clinical studies.

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Treat your skin spots

If you're concerned about skin spots, winter months are the best time to treat them as sun exposure is lower. The first thing is to go to a professional to get a diagnosis and determine your type of skin spot and its severity. Based on this, you may be recommended an anti-spot treatment such as cosmelan or a peel, if your spots are less severe.

cosmelan® treatment against skin spots

cosmelan® is an innovative method since it not only removes spots, but also regulates melanin production to keep them under control so that they do not recur.

The treatment comprises a single session in a cabin or a medical office, where a depigmenting mask is applied, that must be left on for eight hours. After this first intensive depigmentation phase, a home treatment regimen is initiated that must be followed daily for a few months to obtain the desired results.

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Microneedling with antioxidant active ingredients

Have you heard about microneedling? This technique consists of performing controlled micro-punctures, while applying a solution of active ingredients, selected according to the needs of each skin. It allows to increase skin turgor and radiance, while cell oxidation is treated . If you notice that your skin looks duller than normal and you want to return the shine to it, while improving its turgor, this is the treatment you were looking for.

This is a safe, non-invasive technique that allows all areas of the face to be treated, even the eye contour, as it is carried out with a device that allows the depth of application of the active ingredients to be adjusted.

Five sessions are usually carried out, waiting 15 days in between them, to obtain optimum results, that is, if you start in January, you will notice amazing results by mid-February.

If you have a sensitive skin or you have doubts about what treatment to receive, you may ask for help from experts, making an appointment for a first diagnosis. We are here to help you!