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Peeling systems from mesoestetic: cosmelan, global eye con, mesoeclat, blemiderm (new)

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Topics of the Seminar:

  • Structural changes of the skin, causes of aging, degrees.
  • Skin structure regeneration options, complex solutions from mesoestetic.
  • Range of mesoestetic peelings and application characteristics.
  • Demonstration and application of an appropriate therapy method.
  • cosmelan® - anti-pigmentation methods.

It is a revolutionary procedure that not only reduces existing hyperpigmentation, but also corrects and regulates the melanogenesis process, which means that the skin is protected from re-pigmentation. After 2-3 weeks, significant improvements in skin structure can be observed, pigment spots become lighter, skin quality is restored - the skin looks smoother, its tone becomes uniform. The procedure helps to reduce pigmentation spots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (e.g., acne scars), and skin texture defects.

  • global eyecon ® - Peeling for the eye contour area against aging and signs of fatigue.
  • mesoéclat® - The newest generation of immediate effect skin rejuvenation procedure.
  • blemiderm® - A professional method for intensive acne treatment.

Fee of the Seminar:

20.00 EUR

  • TIP points: 5
  • March 13
  • Start at 10:00
  • Brivibas iela 180, Mesoestetic Institute

Additional Benefits

  • On the day of the seminar, you will receive a 40% discount on the purchase of peelings and Cosmelan.
  • You will receive marketing recommendations designed specifically for the beauty industry.

We invite you to apply and reserve a place by sending us your application (name, surname, personal identification number, e-mail, phone no.) to the e-mail

See you at the seminar 🙂

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