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oily acne-prone skins

mesoestetic® solutions to treat oily acne-prone skins

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases in adolescents and adult women. Beyond the aesthetic component, it affects the self-esteem of the sufferer.

The trigger is usually hormonal; therefore, we are prone to suffer it in certain vital stages: puberty and menstruation. In addition, recent scientific advances have proven the significant influence of diet and stress on acne development. Following inadequate cosmetic habits can also increase the appearance of blemishes; therefore, applying quality cosmetics suited to the needs of each skin type is essential to avoid its appearance.

mesoestetic® presents a new generation of solutions to treat the visible manifestation of oily skin from multiple angles and liberate it from impurities and blemishes. A multi-dimensional approach that acts at the root of the problem to correct blemishes and improve skin quality, reducing shine and refining skin texture.