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cosmelan® is the authentic and professional depigmenting method that removes existing skin spots and prevents their reappearance, giving both long and short term results.

world's top method

more than one million patients around the world have already tried it. Thousands of professionals treat skin spots with cosmelan®.

science supported by a patent

results that support the high effectiveness of the method in all skin spots.

excellent clinical results

A complete approach to skin spots, using a innovative formula with a unique encapsulated complex and a patented molecule.

high satisfaction from patients

visible results after the first few weeks of treatment, and in the long term for all types of skin and phototypes.

what is cosmelan®?

cosmelan®, is the pioneering treatment in the field of skin depigmentation to treat the most severe and resistant skin blemishes.

At mesoestetic® we are experts in skin depigmentation. More than 30 years of leadership and innovation and thousands of customers around the world endorse the effectiveness of our depigmentation solutions.

Creators of the method that combines the therapeutic synergy of a professional protocol and a home protocol, together with an innovative formula with highly effective ingredients, resulting in a unique and dual action: corrective and regulatory. It eliminates the visible blemish, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment to prevent its reappearance.

cosmelan® before and after results


cosmelan® experiences

"I was delighted with how fast it removed the skin sports; for me, it was a satisfactory experience that I would recommend, both emotionally and cosmetically."

– Cristina Garcia 48 YEARS, SPAIN

"I liked the way it removed my spots, a breakthrough that has helped me to raise my self-esteem. It has also improved the quality of my skin, and the fine wrinkles on my forehead have disappeared. In general, my skin is brighter and more radiant. "

– Carmen Moreno 44 YEARS, PERU

"Delighted with the results. Also, following this treatment for several months has made me aware of the importance of daily use of sun protection, I love mesoprotech® melan 130, as it perfectly matches my skin tone. "

– Elizabeth Gavánez 42 YEARS, ECUADOR

"I thought no treatment would help me, but I had to change my mind. cosmelan® is really effective, and finding it has marked a new beginning for me. "

– Paulina 32 YEARS, ECUADOR

"Over the space of just 2 years, dark spots started appearing all over my face, causing me a lot of stress and worry. The results achieved with cosmelan® were much better than I expected. I had tried other treatments, but the results I achieved are incomparable to previous ones."

– Dolores 48 years

"I'm very surprised with the result, it's extraordinary. The results are slowly becoming apparent, and they don't fade with time. There is no regression, rather, it is constant progression. 10 of 10. "

– Isabel 51 years

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Trust the depigmentation experts with your skin

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