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science against hyperpigmentation

The union of the latest medical-scientific advances together with the most advanced technology for the development of an innovative formula endorsed by two patents.

specialists in depigmentation

At mesoestetic®, we are depigmentation experts. More than 30 years of research in this field and the experience of thousands of patients around the world make us the reference company.

innovation endorsed by two patents

Our knowledge and the use new technologies in this development has led us to submitting two new patents that endorse the uniqueness of dermamelan®.

excellent clinical results

Tested on all types of spots, dermamelan® has shown high efficacy and safety in all types of skin spots.

high satisfaction from the patient

A progressive treatment that provides visible results from the first weeks and maintains the skin's uniformity and quality in the long term.

treatment results

“I had undergone laser and peel before and the results lasted one month. With dermamelan® , after three weeks I started to see the result and one year later my skin is still even and more radiant. I would strongly recommend it.”

Lili, 38 years


dermamelan® patented formulas

Thanks to our knowledge and the latest scientific research and by applying new technologies in its development, we have been able to produce a product with a high innovative component at the forefront of depigmentation.

two patents that endorse its innovation

[SYN] pigmentarget®

By applying artificial intelligence and big data, we have been able to develop an exclusive complex with 3 active ingredients that have been selected and formulated in optimal concentrations with the aim of providing an efficient response against hyperpigmentation.


Own molecular design. Its molecular and conformational structure offers high safety and specificity in regulating melanogenesis.

vehiculisation systems for maximum efficiency of the active ingredients


They selectively carry and release the ingredients to favour interaction with the treatment's target.


Enhances skin permeability by creating microcanals that absorb the ingredients.

dermamelan® action mechanism

dermamelan® has been formulated to act on the main key targets within the skin hyperpigmentation process:

Intensive corrective action: It intensely acts on accumulated melanin by activating cell renewal and improving the barrier function.

Dual regulating action: it acts by reversing the cellular processes responsible for hyperpigmentation in a synergistic and complementary way, controlling the overstimulation of melanin synthesis in the long term.

  • Intracellular regulating action:
    It controls pigmentation mechanisms in the melanocyte.
  • Intercellular regulating action:
    It acts by regulating the main components associated with melasma: Vascular component, inflammatory component and hormonal component. It also acts by protecting the skin's structural proteins, thus improving its quality, hydration and firmness.

the dermamelan® method

The dermamelan® method consists in a 4-month protocol.

in consultation phase

4 hours

intensive depigmentation.

The synergy between the new professional formulas and products allow for shorter exposure times and greater clinical efficacy and safety.

at home phase

4 months

continuous depigmentation, intensive regulation.

The combination of the three home formulas provides a continuous and gradual action on the spots for a more comprehensive and long-lasting outcome.

Would you like to find out more about skin spots?

Skin spots are a very common problem, especially in women. It involves the darkening of the skin caused by an overproduction of pigment or melanin that unevenly accumulates in the skin. This overproduction is caused by an alteration of certain cellular mechanisms that lead to an excess of pigment.

There are different types of spots based on their origin and their distribution on the skin. It can appear due to several triggering factors, the most important being the result of solar radiation without protection. Other factors are also involved, such as a genetic predisposition, inflammatory conditions, hormonal changes and some photosensitising drugs (oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, etc.).

It is a complex problem, and in many cases they are resistant to many medical-aesthetic treatments. In order to achieve an effective and long-lasting outcome and prevent a rebound, we must not only work on eliminating the accumulated pigment that causes the visible darkening, but also on treating the pathology's cellular origin, with the aim of stopping the overproduction of melanin and thus preventing the spots from reappearing.

FAQs for dermamelan®