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Biorevitalization and mesotherapy

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In the Seminar You Will Find Out:

  • Mesotherapy - definition, development history.
  • Effect of mesotherapy, performance technique.
  • Biorevitalization - definition, implementation techniques.
  • Objectives of mesotherapy and biorevitalization.
  • Method contraindications, side effects.
  • Principles of creating mesotherapy cocktails.
  • Practical demonstration using Mesoestetic Pharma Group mesotherapy or biorevitalization preparations.

Seminar Fee:

20.00 EUR (possibility to pay on site by card)

  • TIP points: 5
  • Start 10:00-15:00
  • Brīvības iela 180, Mesoestetic Institute (entrance from the courtyard, Health Center 4 entrance, 2 hours).

Seminars Will Be Lead By:

Lība Paula Berga

  • Certified beauty care specialist and medical practitioner.
  • Beautician, beauty care specialist, Mesoestetic® trainer

Additional Benefits

On the day of the seminar, a special discount for the purchase of products.

We invite you to apply and reserve a place by sending your application (name, surname, personal identification number, e-mail, phone number) to the e-mail

The number of places is limited!

See you at the seminar 🙂

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