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free the skin from imperfections

A new generation of solutions for the treatment of blemishes caused by acne, acting in a comprehensive manner to restore the quality and natural balance of the skin.

corrects, regulates and prevents

A multi-dimensional action that treats blemishes and improves the overall quality of oily skin.

comprehensive approach

Combines an exclusive professional method and an at-home follow-up routine.

adaptable solutions

Designed for the treatment of acne-prone skin as well as oily skins with active blemishes.

proven effectiveness

Studies performed on cell cultures and in real cases have proven its effectiveness.

What is blemiderm®?

blemiderm®is a comprehensive method for treating different levels of severity of acne, by reducing the appearance of blemishes, intensively correcting them and improving the quality of the skin, reducing shine and refining its texture.




blemiderm® results

Trust experts with your skin


"I noticed that outbreaks have decreased a lot, both in terms of intensity and in terms of the number of lesions. I would certainly recommend this treatment."

– Lidia, 18 years old

"I have friends who took medication to treat acne. I wanted to avoid it, because I know it's a very strong treatment, but after using blemiderm®, I am very happy with my choice. I totally recommend it."

– María, 25 years old

"Acne made me feel very insecure. After the treatment, I can see that my skin is much smoother, the painful spots have disappeared and I feel much more comfortable with myself.”

– Eric, 18 years old

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Trust experts with your skin